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Learn more about vaccines in our extensive research section, read personal accounts and read our blog.


1. Share THE GREATER GOOD with five friends. Consider hosting a small dinner or a community screening party. Or consider gifting an online stream, or sending a new parent gift box.

2. Continue the conversation in your community. For ideas and guidance in planning future discussions check out our discussion guide.

3. Get involved with local and national policy: There are three different types of exemptions from vaccination that parents can seek: religious, medical and philosophical. Learn the laws in your state regarding vaccine mandates and exemptions. Each state varies as to which of the three they allow, and changes in policies are constantly being suggested. You can find this information on the National Vaccine Information Center’s (NVIC) interactive map or at THE GREATER GOOD. If your state does not allow for a philosophical exemption, consider petitioning your state legislature to establish one.

On the national level, Congress is charged with overseeing the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and all its provisions, however Congress is not fulfilling its responsibilities (as explained by Barbara Loe- Fisher in THE GREATER GOOD). (See 4.)

4. Help to expand vaccine exemptions and to protect the right to informed consent. Join the NVIC Advocacy Team to support efforts to shape vaccine policies at the state and national level. For more information visit the NVIC Advocacy Team.

5. Advocate for more research into vaccine safety. Contact your Congressional representatives with your concerns and specific issues you would like to see addressed. In addition, there are several committees in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate that deal with health issues and regulatory agencies. For specific committee responsibilities, go to Open Congress.

6. Find the right doctor for you.  The following list of questions about vaccine safety issues was created by our community of parents and will help to determine if your doctor is the right one for you.

Where does your doctor find their up to date information on vaccine safety issues? Have they noticed any vaccine reactions and how did they handle them if so? Are they familiar with VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System Will they still see your child if you choose to refuse vaccinations or desire a vaccine schedule of your choosing? Do they understand and recognize the state law regarding vaccines? What are their thoughts (willingness) in dealing with a parent who chooses to be educated about ALL facets of healthcare & weigh pros/cons or risks/benefits? Will there be respect in the doctor/patient relationship? Consider giving your doctor a copy of THE GREATER GOOD or another resource on vaccine safety. Consider directing your doctor to THE GREATER GOOD website RESEARCH section for more information.

7. Learn about other approaches to pediatric health care. One place to start is Mercola, or Natural News, two websites that promote natural health care. Knowing about different options can help you make informed choices for your children.

8. Join our Affiliate Program: If you are a healthcare practitioner or run a community group, you can sell the DVD in your office or at local community events, or offer your members a special code to stream the film. Your members get a discount on the film or your group earns 10% on each purchase to do your good work in the community. Email for more details and information on wholesale prices and discount codes

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