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To help help us create a platform for facilitating sharing and solidarity, we invite you to share your stories of experiencing and witnessing fossil fuel extractive impacts and actions being taken, as related to what you saw and learned in PROTECT, and/or any reflections you would like to share after watching PROTECT.


SHARE EVENTS. Share your screening event with those in your community. Click below to access screening tools (posters, press release etc.)

GIFT THE FILM to someone you care about. Click below to purchase the film.

PURCHASE THE DVD OR BLU-RAY AND DONATE it to a local school, library, or grassroots organization. Click below to purchase the film.


To access learning resources and to learn more about what you can do for a more just, equitable, and sustainable future, see the PROTECT Screening and Community Conversation Guide.


1. Share PROTECT with five friends.

Consider hosting a small dinner or a community screening party. Or consider gifting the film to someone you care about.

2. Continue the conversation in your community.

For ideas and guidance in planning future discussions check out our Screening and Community Conversation Guide [link back to guide].

3. Share your story

4. Stay connected with us on Facebook

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