Protect Film


“PROTECT” Documentary – Official Trailer from Paper Rocket Productions on Vimeo.

A powerful documentary exploring the challenges of Native Americans and other front line communities living in proximity to fossil fuel extraction projects in the United States. The film follows 24 Indigenous community organizers and allies as they caravan across the lower 48 on the 2016 Protect Our Public Lands Tour For a Just and Renewable Energy Future. As the caravan winds its way across the US, the film introduces audiences to an array of environmental and human rights challenges through interactions with the Indigenous communities that bear the brunt of the health and pollution impacts of oil, gas and coal projects. Filmmakers hope the documentary will provide a platform for facilitating sharing and solidarity across generations, communities, and nations. Ideal for educational, activist and general audiences alike, the film is now available. 

“The film shows the power of working together, and tells the story of folks fighting for empowerment and justice now and for those to come.”

“We chose to spotlight the indigenous philosophy that all things are sacred and shouldn’t be disrespected or exploited. Indigenous Peoples like the ones in the film hold key knowledge, and our film shares their first-hand accounts of their urgent and inspiring resistance against environmental and climate injustice.” 
– Deidra Peaches
Paper Rocket Productions and director of Protect

“We have to be able to save everything we possibly can that we have left.” 

– Krystal Two Bulls
Oglala Lakota/Northern Cheyenne, Protect caravan participant


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